Duet of WWW

Artist Statment

Duet is a sound and light installation that transforms two set of texts from different source to different pitch, tone and light. We use WWW as the text source. Two different URLs can be input and the Processing will extract the sentences in the web page lively. While the data is transfered from Processing to the Arduino board, different pattern of blinking light and sound are generated. People can get different outcome not only by inputting different URLs, outcome could be different over time as texts are extracted lively from the WWW. And we use U.S. and Hong Kong Google news as demo.

There are five LED light bulbs on the left, representing the first text source, and five on the right representing the second source. The light bulbs are not blinking randomly but they turn on and off according to the length of the sentence that is currently extracted and displayed on the screen. It works the same as the tone of the sound, the longer the length of the sentence, the higher the pitch emitted. From the final outcome of the work, we found that two different sound source, which are both outputting at the same time, sometimes would create a certain level of resonance. In addition to the visual effect from the blinking light,  we believe that audience could enjoy with the Duet of WWW.



Duet  Performance

Full Performance




Schematic: Duet


Two set of arduino with the same currcut will be used.


Processing side (with RiTa library)

Source code : http://sweb.cityu.edu.hk/cylau27/electronics.pde

RiTa : http://www.rednoise.org/rita/

Author of the RiTa library : Daniel C. Howe

Arduino side

Source code : http://sweb.cityu.edu.hk/cylau27/duet.pde